Komodo to Lombok 4D3N

Departure : Every Wednesday and Sunday

Tour Itinerary :

Day 1 : Labuan Bajo – Kelor Island – Manjarite – Kalong Island

  • Meet at our office in Labuan Bajo at 10:00 AM.
  • Depart for Kelor Island and enjoy a short 10-15 minute trek to the top for a breathtaking view.
  • After the trek, indulge in snorkeling at Kelor Island.
  • Proceed to Manjarite for the second snorkeling session, where you can explore the vibrant coral reefs and encounter various small fishes, and if you’re lucky, even turtles.
  • In the late afternoon, head to Kalong Island to witness a magnificent sunset and observe the mesmerizing sight of thousands of Flying Foxes flying out from the mangrove trees.
  • Enjoy dinner on the boat and anchor at Padar Island for the night. (Lunch and dinner on the boat)

Day 2 : Padar Island – Long Pink Beach – Komodo Island – Manta Point – Night Sailing

  • Begin the day by trekking to the top of Padar Island at 5:30 AM to witness a beautiful sunrise and capture stunning photographs.
  • Return to the boat and continue to Long Pink Beach for snorkeling and admiring the unique pink-colored beach.
  • Proceed to Komodo Island, where you can explore the jungle and encounter Komodo Dragons, as well as other wildlife such as wild pigs and Timor deer.
  • Continue the journey to Manta Point for a chance to snorkel and spot majestic Black Manta Rays (subject to luck).
  • Enjoy a long sailing trip to Moyo Island, lasting approximately 15 to 18 hours, and savor the sunset views from the boat. (Breakfast, lunch, and dinner)

Day 3 : Moyo Island – The WaterFall – Medang Village 

  • Arrive at Moyo Island around 9-10 AM and embark on a trek through the jungle to reach a picturesque waterfall. Enjoy a refreshing swim in the natural freshwater pool.
  • Return to the boat and proceed to Medang Village, known as the island of the Captain. Explore the village or engage in snorkeling or swimming activities.

Day 4 : Kenawa Island – Kayangan Harbour – Mataram – Senggigi – Bangsal

  • Walk to a small hill on Kenawa Island to witness a stunning sunrise.
  • After sunrise, return to the beach and board the boat to continue the journey.
  • Arrive at East Lombok Harbour / Kayangan Harbour around 11 AM. From there, a free bus transfer will take you to your next destinations, such as Mataram, Senggigi, or Bangsal Harbour.
  • The tour concludes. (Breakfast on the boat)

Our price is based on 2 classes

  • Cabin IDR 3,900,000/person
  • Deck IDR 3,300,000/person

Komodo to Lombok 4D3N

Informasi dan Pemesanan :

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