Jessica Gee

Nama :Jessica Gee
Email : Rahasia
Phone : Rahasia
Jumaah Pax :3
Dari :Lombok ( Teluk Nara )
Menuju : Gili Trawangan
Program Tour : YA
Tanggal Tour :

I’m looking to schedule a boat transfer on December 7th to the Gili Islands from BALI. We will be staying in Ubud before that. There are 2 adults, 1 child (3 yrs) and 1 infant (1 yr).

We also need a return on December 11 to BALI. We need to be back to the Denpensar airport by 12:00 for our flight that leaves that afternoon. I notice you don’t have a shuttle that returns that early. What would you recommend doing?

Thank you for your help!

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